Hello everyone. is taking a new direction on how the site is ran and because of this i decided to add roblox scripting to part of the website. I felt my family members that play could use some easy to use models & Scripts. I understand not everyone will agree with me giving away there scripts but as of now there is no legal reason why i can not as long as they are not under gnu gpl and or creative commons restrictive. I have not come across any so i will gladly take them down if you have any legal reason to ask me to do so. NOTE: All the scripts coming to are going to be accessible by the group soon to be created on roblox. I am the site creator and the girl known as "AlwaysKelly" is a good friend of mine so any information you need about the group please contact her on roblox. I am only the site owner & Friend. You shall receive no further information about this and or any other matter until the site is complete in june. Remember to contact AlwaysKelly shes a cute little ginger :)